Bankruptcy Forms

Bankruptcy Forms

Bankruptcy is a financial and legal process, filed by a person or business that can not afford to pay their debts. When filing for bankruptcy, you must provide information and documentation showing your income, debts, assets, and other financial transactions. This information is provided by filling out an official petition, complete with federal forms and schedules. A bankruptcy petition is typically about fifty pages of such documents. 

Below, we’ve provided the forms required for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the simplest and most common bankruptcy filing. Depending on your state and locality, there will likely be local forms to include as well. These forms can be found by visiting your local court’s website, or with help from an experienced bankruptcy attorney. 

Filing for bankruptcy can be complicated, so it is important that you carefully read the instructions to fill out each form properly. These forms will not explain the bankruptcy process or what may happen to your properties and assets. Before you file, be sure to research bankruptcy law, or speak to a bankruptcy lawyer to help guide you through the process. 

Forms to File Bankruptcy

Form B 106 A/B – Schedule A/B: Property (individuals)

Form B 106 D – Schedule D: Creditors Who Hold Claims Secured by Property (individuals)

Form B 106 E/F – Schedule E/F: Creditors Who Have Unsecured Claims (individuals)

Form B 106 G – Schedule G: Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases (individuals)

Form B 106 H – Schedule H: Your Codebtors (individuals)

Form B 107 I – Schedule I: Your Income (individuals)

What forms are needed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The list of forms above is needed in most cases when filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Some of these, however, may not apply to your specific case. If you’re unsure of what forms need to be completed when filing for bankruptcy, consider reaching out to a bankruptcy lawyer to help you navigate through this difficult time. Call or text us at 215-735-1060 to find out how we can help.

What forms are needed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy you must complete a number of forms. Depending on your specific case the forms may change, but the ones listed above are needed for most cases. If you’re unsure what bankruptcy forms to fill out, please contact us today so we can walk you through the best way to file bankruptcy. 

What is a proof of claim for bankruptcy?

Before getting paid in a bankruptcy case, the creditor must file paperwork or proof of claim. The proof of claim tells the bankruptcy trustee about the type of claim, as well as how much is owed to the creditor. 

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