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Can Foreclosure Be Stalled By Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

May 20, 2015 By: Mike Cibik

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can stall a foreclosure and it may give someone additional time for someone to stay in their home but there is no way to say how long. So the long answer would be to say is that it may or may not… and the short answer is “yes” it can,…



Should You Try to Keep Your Home When You File Bankruptcy?

May 01, 2015 By: Mike Cibik

Filing bankruptcy, of course, is a personal financial strategy that should help you and your family eliminate or restructure debt and move forward with a livable household budget.



Vehicle Repo Alert: Are You at Risk?

May 01, 2015 By: Mike Cibik

A client called me to say that their car had been repossessed and that they needed help. I explained that one option would be to file a Chapter 13, then a Complaint for Turnover as a means to get the vehicle back.


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