Car Repossession

Do You Need A Car Repossession Lawyer?

With millions of car owners nationwide, driving is a necessity for most working Americans. For those in debt, their car is quite literally the vehicle that gets them out of it. For many, car repossession is a serious concern as losing their vehicle could lead to a loss of their livelihood.

The Philadelphia lawyers at Cibik & Cataldo, P.C. have helped thousands of clients over the past 35 years get back on track, even if that means getting their wheels back. In Philadelphia County, cars are repossessed every single day, sometimes unlawfully. By providing expert legal representation, the attorneys have put people back behind the wheel on their road to debt relief.

If I Declare Bankruptcy, Will I Get My Car Back?

Simply put– there are no guarantees, but filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy could give you a good shot at getting your vehicle back.

Filing for bankruptcy is a very complicated decision, one that requires a good understanding of bankruptcy — which our lawyers provide to every prospective client — and all it entails. Getting a car back should not be the sole deciding factor in declaring, however, if a vehicle is truly needed, it can be a major consideration. If you’re wanting to be able to keep up with payments on a car loan, you can use the many car payment estimator sites online and see if you’ll be bale to keep on top of the payments.

How Does Chapter 13 Help?

Cars are typically repossessed when a debtor is late enough on payments to trigger a clause in the lender’s agreement. Sometimes, a lender can repossess a vehicle prior to the owner breaching contract; this is an egregious breach of the loan agreement and a case that should involve a lawyer.

If a car is not wrongfully repossessed and you want the car back, then you’ll need a car repossession lawyer.

As part of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, a debtor can make a case for needing their vehicle to be turned back over to them from their lender, however, the same is not usually true of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

“We would argue to the bankruptcy judge that … (the) client’s vehicle was necessary for them to fulfill the terms of their plan, and thus the judge should order the lender to ‘turn over’ the vehicle immediately.” – Michael A. Cibik, Esq.

Determining whether it’s worthwhile to file for bankruptcy is a decision that is ultimately up to the client. At Cibik & Cataldo, P.C., we never pressure or push any prospective client into making a choice about their financial future. We educate each person, helping them understand the realities of bankruptcy and the options available to them to get out of debt under United States law.

For 35 years, our lawyers have helped residents of Philadelphia County and the surrounding areas find a way to put their debt behind them. When factors like car repossession or daily collection calls become a way of life, it can seem impossible to change; Cibik & Cataldo, P.C. changes that.

To learn more about how our car repossession lawyers can help get clients back on the road to debt relief, contact us.

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