What is the Second Costly Emotion That Keeps You In Debt?


By:Michael A. Cibik


It’s hard to knock stubbornness, even when it keeps people doing foolish things. After all, stubbornness, the drive to finish what you started, is often a virtue.

I’m talking about the attitude that says “these are my debts, and by d***n, I’ll get them paid”. Honorable, but not rational. See how long it takes to pay off a modest credit card balance by paying the monthly minimum.

Life is about choices, and the choice to keep chipping away at a Mt.Rushmore of debt means usually that some other, real and important need goes unmet. The greatest of these neglected choices, in my world, is retirement savings.

Cultivate stubbornness as a virtue, and the questionable choices of the past poison your future as far as the eye can see.


Michael A. Cibik, Esquire

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