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    The experienced debt settlement specialists at Cibik Law are here to help people all across Pennsylvania and New Jersey take control of their credit card debt, late car payments & past due mortgages so that they can move toward a more financially secure future.

    Calls from creditors and debt collectors can make a person feel like their options are limited and the weight of carrying this stress alone can create a moment of feeling “stuck”.  The hopeless feeling of debt can make a person feel like there is no end in sight.  You can contact a “debt settlement company” to try and negotiate with your creditors OR you contact a real attorney, who can use all the tools available, afforded to individuals by the US Federal Bankruptcy Laws, to help you get the best settlement terms available.

    Steps a person should take before seeking additional debt relief options.

    First, try to contact your creditors and come to an agreement for a payment plan to bring your account back in good standing and before any collection efforts.


    If you already tried to reach out to your creditors and could not come to an agreement, or your debt is too overwhelming to handle, there is another option.    Bankruptcy.  We know there can be a negative connotation , but the reality is that for some people, a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, could be their best option for ridding themselves of their current debt and moving forward in life with a clean slate.  


    At Cibik Law, we will go above and beyond to ensure every avenue has been exhausted before we recommend the best solutions to settle your debts.   Stop the harassing collection calls, cease any legal actions against you or your property and build a plan together, to start rebuilding your finances, your credit and your financial freedom.   Most importantly is clearing your mind and body of the stress that comes with having debt.   


    BE AWARE: when researching the area of debt settlement companies, you may find many who offer “the perfect solution” to get you more money today and consolidate your debts into one monthly payment.   I always recommend all of my clients first ensure the efficacy of any debt solution offered to them and taking on more debt is generally NEVER the right option for most. 

    To ensure you are working with with a Pennsylvania State Certified Debt Settlement Agency under the Certified PA Bankruptcy Court.

    How Can Cibik Law Help Me Take Care Of My Debts…

    First, we will work with you to ensure we have a complete understanding and picture of your financial situation, how you got into the current situation, the best next steps and how we can help keep you from getting into this situation again.

    Types of Debt Settlements Through Bankruptcy, Cibik Law Can Help With: 

    Chapter 7 –  Are the most common types of bankruptcies.   Also known as a “liquidation bankruptcy”, Chapter 7 bankruptcies are for those who don’t have much in terms of assets or property. 

    Types of unsecured debt, normally suited for a chapter 7:

    • Credit Card Debt
    • Remaining Balances On Auto Loans After A Repossession
    • Past Utility Bills
    • Medical Bills
    • A Line of Credit
    • A judgment for a past motor vehicle accident

    If you qualify for a Chapter 7, we try and work our hardest to ensure our clients are able to keep nearly all of their property through various exemptions. 

    Types of Exemptions under Chapter 7 Rules:

    • A Certain Amount of Home Equity
    • A Certain Amount of a Car’s Value
    • Most Retirement Accounts
    • All Clothing & Some Jewelry
    • Most Household Goods
    • Any Tools of the Trade
    • Spousal or Child Support
    • Most Insurance Benefits (Life insurance, etc)
    • Most Public Benefits
    • Most Awards of Past Settlement Awards (Personal Injury Awards)

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