Can Bankruptcy Modify the Collection of Debt?

Do you receive late notices and collection letters in the mail? You probably opened them at first, but now do you just throw them in an unopened pile, hoping to deal with them later – and later never comes?

Are you tired of explaining why you have not paid a bill, embarrassed telling complete strangers your personal tragedies? Millions of people who are behind in their bills do not look forward to opening the mail, answering a phone or speaking to bill collectors.
At the first moment you file bankruptcy you automatically obtain relief that modifies the way your creditors treat you. With few exceptions, all collection activity must stop, all mail and phone calls must stop and creditors must change the way they try to get money from you.
Debt collectors are no longer permitted to contact you by telephone while you are represented in a bankruptcy case. Peace of mind and calm are restored to your life.
Student loans, mortgage companies, car title lenders, medical bills, taxes, and credit cards debts are all included and are all covered by the automatic stay when you file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy requires creditors present their debt to the court for payment and only debt you can afford to pay gets paid during your case. Many other debts are discharged. Some exceptional debt survives bankruptcy and may be collected from you in the future.
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